Wednesday, July 22, 2009

what I love: twobirds dresses

All I have to say is "Love!" If you haven't ever heard of TwoBirds, it was founded by the fabulous Ariane Goldman, who finally decided enough was enough when it came to tacky (aka tackalicious) bridesmaids dresses. So she decided to come up with a solution, and TwoBirds was born. Thank God it was!
Photo Credit: TwoBirds

TwoBirds is the first dress I recommend to a bride who has yet to decide on what she wants her bridesmaids to wear, and here's why: the dress is completely customizable. The fabric is a unique quality jersey that falls beautifully on any body. Most importantly due to the nature of the dress, it fits - literally - any event, from a coast to a castle!

Photo Credit: TwoBirds

So this Wednesday I'm in love with TwoBirds dresses... let me know if you're in love too!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

invited on aspiring couture!

Hello everyone! I don't know if you've heard about a fabulous little blog called Aspiring Couture, but its a great new venture by the wonderful Ms. Allison O' Grady.
Photo courtesy of Aspiring Couture

She has taken to discussing weddings every Wednesday, and this Wednesday guess who she decided to feature - the lovely and talented owner of Invited, Pavaune Pearson, herself!

Check out the blog feature, and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what I love: wednesdays

I wanted to get everyone ready for a new weekly feature that will be coming up in the very near future - What I Love: Wednesdays!

Each week myself, or one of my trusted experts in the wedding and event industries (and related fields) will discuss what they are in love with now. You'll be kept up to date on the freshest items and ideas happening in the industry from only the best in the industry!

Keep an eye out, as this feature will be here before you know it!