Wednesday, March 13, 2013

what I love: cake toppers

I have a treat for you! This Wednesday, I've invited Invited's lead day-of coordinator, Annie Oudom, here to share what she loves this week! So, Annie, take it away!

Happy, happy, Wednesday everyone! 
I have a few friends that are getting married this year, and they all know how much I live and breathe weddings. One of the infamous questions they always ask is: "What should I do for a cake topper?" My answer to any wedding question is: "The possibilities are endless! But what is it that YOU love?"

There have been so many unique wedding cake toppers that I have seen in my day! Some I question... but nearly all of them I absolutely love. Not only are they unique but I adore the fact that they represent the bride and groom. Whether it's traditional or something a bit wacky, it should really highlight you - as the bride, and your fiance - as the groom. After all, this day is all about the both of you, right?!

We have come a long way since these classic cake toppers:

Although classic is nice and traditional, and nice and... err... ok a bit on the boring side for my liking, I can definitely appreciate them! I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest, either searching for ideas for my own (future!) wedding, or helping out friends decide on what would best suit them for their cake 
Here are some of my favorites:
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Cake toppers that resemble the bride and groom
How incredibly cute is this?? I love the fact that the toppers have details of the bride and groom down to a T.

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Just flowers
I absolutely love this. The cake looks so dainty and so pretty that I don't even want to eat it! Using flowers as a topper adds a great touch to the cake because it isn't too overpowering.

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Monogrammed cake toppers
I also do like using monograms for cake toppers. I'm sure you have seen monograms with the bride and grooms initials of their first name with their last name initial in the center. Or, like the picture above, just using the initial of the last name. What I also love about this particular monogram topper is the bling. I do love my bling. There are just some things I can't deny.

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Hello Kitty!
This cake topper speaks for itself. Everyone needs some Hello Kitty in their life, right?!
So loves, what are some unique ideas you have for cake toppers?