Wednesday, December 29, 2010

what I love: FREE webinars!

So how many of you out there got rings on your fingers sometime in the last couple of weeks - hm? What's that I hear?? A whole lot?! That's right! You're engaged! Congratulations, but now what do you do? Where do you start, and who do you talk to?? Well, I can guarantee you that what I love this week, will hold all the answers because what I love this week is OUR free wedding planning webinar!

We'll be holding the webinar on January 12th at 7 PM for ten lucky couples. It will be an exclusive opportunity to chat with a wedding professional about all those questions you have in the beginning of the planning process, and hopefully get that wedding-planning ball rolling.

For your convenience, you can register below for the event.

Remember - only ten couples get in on this, and it's filling up fast!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what I love: Christmastime!

Great news everyone!

It's officially Christmastime! A Christmas Story is playing non-stop on TBS, and Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You is playing non-stop on my computer. That's right - it's Christmastime, and it's what I love this week.
photo credit: humor me

The thing about Christmas is it means more than the presents under the tree, more than the gift wrap or even the amazing tablescapes. It's the togetherness of it all. Whether it's with your new fiancee, your new husband or wife or your new in-laws, the time that we spend together is (get ready for the cheese) priceless. It's a time to enjoy the family you are and the family you will be. Those are moments you can't trade for anything in the world.

It's the warmest time of the year - even though it's the coldest weather, and there's a reason for that. Enjoy the holiday spirit, and don't forget to take a moment to love Christmastime too.

Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year!
photo credit: Etsy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what I love: gift wrapping!

The thing about gift wrapping is it isn't solely allocated to the holidays. One must gift wrap throughout the year (for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries - you name it!). That's the best part about learning how to gift wrap beautifully, you get to use the skill throughout the year.

After all, who can resist a little piece of beautiful like this?
photo credit: a gift wrapped life

The holidays are a time that one's gift wrapping skills are allowed to truly shine. It's all about those details - details, details, details! Besides that's where all the fun is! Take a look at some of these chic and adorable gift wrapping details!

This one comes with DIY instructions courtesy of Design*Sponge!
photo credit: Design Sponge

Plus, nowadays, with the focus on eco-friendliness in every facet of our lives, gift wrap has plenty of eco-friendly options too! Take fabric gift wrap, for instance. You heard me right - FABRIC. Check it out.
photo credit: Etsy

Or adorable fabric drawstring bags!
photo credit: Etsy

And don't forget the icing on the metaphorical gift-wrapping cake - the tags! The number of unique tag options out there is absolutely endless! Lots of DIY options, and lots available to purchase. Lookie here for instance.
photo credit: Etsy

There are even letterpress options - gorgeous!
photo credit: Etsy
I most definitely love gift wrapping this week! Whaddya say? I imagine you love it too!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

what I love: anniversaries!

I know I rarely discuss my personal life, but this one's a milestone I can't ignore. Our 5 year anniversary happened last week. Five. YEARS. That's longer than Brad and Angie have been together or Tom and Katie or Barbie and Ken. Ok, maybe not the last one, but you get the point. That's half a decade. A long time that we've gotten to spend together, and I've loved (nearly) every minute of it.

Sometimes I don't realize how caught up I get in the humdrum of our day-to-day life that I take for granted the person who is sticking by my side through all of it. Life has its ups and certainly its downs. There are moments that twist me all around. And who's there to pick me up no matter what life has thrown my way? My partner in crime and one true love. He's there through it all - through the fun nights out and the cuddly nights in, through the mundane laundry folding and the wintertime dog walking, through the endless workdays and the non-existent weekends of a wedding planner. He's there. And I love him for that.

It got me thinking about what an anniversary means in the grander scheme of things. It means a lot, though sometimes it can seem it is just another day in one's life. An anniversary really offers you something. It offers you a chance to truly look at the person you've chosen to tackle life with and let them know how much you appreciate them. It forces you to take a step back and just enjoy each other for that day and forget anything and everything going on around you. It offers you two a moment to appreciate exactly what you mean to each other, what purpose you serve for each other, and how much more fun life is with the other person there.

So what I love this week is personal, but it's also something we all share every year: anniversaries. Don't forget to take a minute and enjoy yours - whenever it may be.
We certainly enjoyed ours.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what I love: christmas decor!

I suppose it is now December, huh? It kinda snuck up on us, but now it's here! Presents are being bought and Christmas cards are being mailed. More importantly, all those boxes of decorations are being pulled off their dusty shelves and seeing the light of day once again! Christmas decor is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. The songs and pies are a close second and third. The decor, though, takes the metaphorical cake.

How could one not be enamored with the decor of the holidays?! Look here!
photo credit: Pizzazzerie
A gingerbread house that is far too cute for words, and what's better? You can make it for yourself thanks to Courtney over at Pizzazzerie!

Or here!
photo credit: Design Sponge
The good news is that you can DIY this puppy too!

I've got more for you. Don't worry! An oh-so adorable felt garland on a mini Christmas tree! Love!

photo credit: Oh Happy Day
So I'm 100% certain: I love Christmas decor! What do ya say? Do you love it too?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what I love: Shutterfly holiday cards!

So, I guess it is officially the holidays now, isn't it? For those of us who have been preparing since January 1st for this time to come, I'm sure you are more than prepared! For those of us who just realized that Thanksgiving is 7 days away (of which I am one), you are scrambling to get present lists together, gift wrap out of the back of the closet and holiday cards ordered ASAP. Well, the bad news is I can't buy nor wrap your presents for you; the good news is I can help you with at least one of those problems! For the holiday cards, I introduce you to Shutterfly

I am a huge fan of a photo card! Though I will be the first to admit that I haven't always been. But in recent years, as my friends began to get married, have babies, buy houses, etc, I quickly realized that the photo card at the end of the year kept me in the loop as to just what was going on in all of their lives! Plus a great photo card gives your friends and family a nice opportunity to have something to frame and put on the wall. Can't beat double duty gifts! I have staked out many a holiday photo card, since it's often hard (okay, I'll admit - nearly impossible!) to please my *discerning* eye. So needless to say, I was shocked when I started adding card after card to my Favorites on Shutterfly!

My current front-runner favorite (probably only if I had children as adorable as this though!):

Another fave:

 And yet another:
 I love how the text integrates itself into the photo card above and vice versa! Plus that background pattern is clean and modern without screaming "Hi, I'm a holiday card!"

My favorite part about Shutterfly is the fact that they don't have only one thing; they have lots of things! So maybe you can handle some of those gifts for your family all in one go! Some of my personal favorites include calendars, mugs, and of course the cards! I've already picked out our card for this holiday season, and I'm not gonna lie - I love it! Have you?!

*All images are courtesy of Shutterfly

p.s. Bloggers, it doesn't hurt that they're running a promotion right now; bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up: :) Enjoy!
Blog pinger

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what I love: United With Love!

Hopefully by now many of you DC brides have had a chance to become acquainted with the best thing to hit the DC wedding world since... sliced bread? And even if you aren't a DC bride, it wouldn't hurt to know about this fabulous new addition to the wedding blog world - United With Love!

image credit: United With Love
We are lucky enough to be one of the highlighted vendors on there, but you must take a moment to check out ALL the vendors in that, there vendor guide! They are hand-picked, and therefore are truly the best of the best in DC.

How sick are you of seeing these great, beautiful, gorgeous and outstanding pictures of weddings on so many wedding blogs only to find out that the budget of said weddings were upwards of $100,000? Frustrating, isn't it?! United With Love is truly filling a void for all those DC metro (and beyond) brides who want real, local inspiration on a real-person's budget!

image credit: United With Love
Well, ladies - I introduce you to United With Love. I'm 100% certain I love it. What do you think? Feel free to let me know!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what I love: featured weddings!

Hello loves! Well this week's love has been hijacked by another blog, but it's okay! I've given this week's post over freely to Elizabeth Anne Designs (EAD) because they have featured one of my favorite weddings EVER - Melinda and Jason's January gem!

To say I adore this couple is an understatement. They are the absolute bee's knees, and Melinda did a fabulous job as a Wedding Bee (Miss Lamb!) They have been through so much together, and they've continued to be each other's rocks. The love that they share is so very evident in their photos, so I'll share a few for you here! All photographs are courtesy of Sam Hughes Photography. For the rest of the feature you can check them out over on EAD!

So, yes, what I love this week is one of my own! But can you blame me?!?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what I love: ampersands!

Yes, I'll be honest. I was slightly inspired by my love just two weeks ago, but let me explain! After all, what single symbol is more integral to the entire meaning and purpose of a wedding than an ampersand?! At the end of the day it's all about the joining of two parts; the bringing together of a Mr & a Mrs, a bride & a groom, a his & a her! See! The ampersand has endless value and purpose for your big day! Plus - its a gorgeous element that can carry through to your life and home decor if you know how to work it.

First off, I want to share a little gem of a blog that I recently found. In fact, I could attribute most of my newfound love of ampersands to this, here blog - the beautiful 300 & 65 Ampersands. I mean the bevy of ampersand gorgeousness available on this blog is endless! Plus - the blog gets daily updates - YES - DAILY! Check out this beauty from October 24th:
photo credit: 300 & 65
Or this playful one for (what I imagine to be) a backyard country wedding:
Don't think I'm done yet!

So fun, right?!

And let me tell you the ampersand beauty doesn't stop here! One of my favorite (I-swear-I'm-going-to-buy-it-someday) Etsy finds is this little gem below!
photo credit: Etsy
 Look at how adorable it is, and how much more perfect can you get for an ampersand tee-shirt than an ampersand made of ampersands?!

Finally, a gorgeous ampersand pillow for your new home!
photo credit: Hard to Find
You never knew ampersands could inspire so much beauty in every aspect of your life, did you?!

Alright, alright! I know it! I'm in love with ampersands this week! What do you say? You love 'em too?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what I love: plum and charcoal!

Yep, that's right! You heard it here first! Plum and charcoal - no not the actual fruit nor fire starter! I'm thinking colors here, people! As the summer begins to fade away and the sky begins to darken earlier and earlier, I can't help but think with darker, even more gorgeous colors! One of my absolute favorite (and unexpected) color combinations is plum and charcoal! Check out a few examples of just how perfectly those colors work together!

Look at that gorgeous bouquet and can I ignore that adorable ring bearer's pillow?! (I think not!)
Photo Credit: Stephanie Williams
 This adorable save the date is fully customizable over at Wedding Chicks! I adore them for lots of gorgeous DIY stuff!

image credit: Wedding Chicks

These gray bridesmaid's dresses and beautiful purple bouquet are screaming out to me. What are they screaming you ask? Pretty sure it's, "you want us for your next wedding!"
Photo Credit: Project Wedding
 Finally, given that last week's post was all about how much I love monograms, I had to toss one in for good measure. Again, I can thank Wedding Chicks for this beauty! Thank you Wedding Chicks!
image credit: Wedding Chicks
So it's absolutely official. What I love this week is definitely plum and charcoal! What do you say? Do you love it too?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what I love: monograms!

One of the BEST things about getting married is (arguably) getting to now share an initial with your one true love. (Yes, I am aware of the fact that nowadays many women aren't taking their fiancee's names, but for the sake of this post, we'll be momentarily ignoring that trend!) I'm talking about a monogram! Tell me you don't love them?! They can be everything from the chicest of the chic to the most elegant of the elegant, and no matter what - they're gorgeous and fun!

The most amazing thing about a monogram is that a truly beautiful one can transition from "weddingware" to houseware! And there are so many beautiful ones out there, I'm certain you can find one that you'll fall in love with.

For example, are you looking to keep things a little more simple and modern for your big day? Go with this beauty.

photo credit: Rock, Paper, Scissors
 Or maybe you fancy yourself a bit more vintage and elegant? Look at all of these REAL vintage monograms!
photo credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs
Perhaps what you're going for is a tad more rustic? Well don't let sheer oversight make you forget all the places a monogram can go! Take these adorable linen bags for instance!
photo credit: Style Me Pretty
Inspired by one of our full-planning clients, I found this modern, butterfly-themed monogram. Too adorable right??
photo credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs
So this week I'm certain of what I love, and that's monograms! What do you say? Do you love them too??

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

what I love: wheat!

Yes, you read that right - wheat. WHEAT. Some of you may be stumped - saying to yourself, "Are you sure?! Wheat - not white, but WHEAT?!" Alas it is true, wheat is the often overlooked, often free decor element that just simply screams fall wedding! After all, you can't really get more "harvest"y than the harvest itself!

Case in point: considering a motif design element for your wedding? Considered wheat yet? Look at the bevy of (tres chic!) stationery options available out there!
Need an invitation? How unique and gorgeous, to boot! (P.S. That's engraving on wood!)
Photo Credit: Engraving Plus
How about a little wheat on your menu card?
Photo Credit: Urbanity Studios
 Finally, my absolute favorite use of wheat in any reception: wheat centerpieces! Yes, please!
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs
Photo Credit: Wedding Reception Ideas

So yes, my fall-loving followers, it's official. I'm in LOVE with all things wheat? What do you wheat... err... think?!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what I love: bridal shows!

Alright, well I may be a bit biased on this point, but I L. O. V. E. bridal shows. All bridal shows. Big ones. Small ones. Tall ones. Short ones. The list goes on and on! (Or not.) Let me tell you why I love bridal shows this week though. We're in one!!

That's right! You heard it here first! We will be at the Bridal Showcase at the Dulles Expo Center on September 12th, and we are giddy with excitement!
Photo Credit: Bridal Showcase

The brides, the vendors, the love! I can see it all now!

Hot 99.5 will be there! Plus they're giving away a whole wedding!!

Photo Credit: Hot 99.5
Guess what?! We have FREE tickets to the show!

Whether you are just starting your planning, finishing up the details, or anywhere in between, you will find exactly what you are looking for at the Washington Bridal Showcase. Save money and avoid the lines by purchasing tickets for $8 through their web site. Tickets are available at the door for $10, cash only.

Here are the deets!
Sunday, September 12
11am until 5pm
at the
Dulles Expo Center
4368 Chantilly Shopping Ctr., Chantilly, VA

So come visit us out at the Bridal Showcase next Sunday!! It's true! What we love this week!?! Bridal shows!!!

Reminder: first person to e-mail me gets 2 FREE tickets to the show!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what I love: backyard weddings!

It's official! I'm inspired because I have one of the most exciting client weddings ever - an adorable backyard affair! I can't wait for the splendid event, and due to this overwhelming inspiration, I couldn't help but love backyard weddings this week.

Let's discuss some of my favorite parts of backyard events! The best part is you get to keep it relaxed and it truly feels like home (since it is!)! All of those special details that you never get to include in a rented space are all the things you get to have fun with at a backyard wedding. Most importantly, you don't have to follow any rules, so you get to make all your own!

Check some of these awesome backyard event details out for a little taste of what I love!

First, have you seen such an adorable backdrop for a ceremony - vintage doors?! A. Door. Able! (Ba-dum-ching!)
Via OnceWed

A gorgeous home-style display of bride and groom photos through the years. Don't think you can get more darling than that!
via Young House Love

Flip-flops for your guests - a perfect and comfy idea! Plus the adorable display in an aluminum bin!

via Creative Image Collections

Finally this homemade photo booth is one of the most beautiful I think I've ever seen. A gorgeous sheet of fabric that the bride and groom clothes-pinned up to make a pretty little photo booth for all sorts of fun!
via Jill Thomas Photography

 What do you say? Do you love backyard weddings too??

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what I love: save the date videos!

I never thought I'd say this, as I'm not a huge fan of many wedding videos, but I love save the date videos. Truly L. O. V. E.

Now I'm not talking about those cheeseball videos that may come to mind when we first bring up this whole concept of a wedding video. I don't mean the guy telling the camera how much he loves the girl. The girl then following suit - just like a good fiancee should. No. I'm talking about those videos and videographers that full-on break the wedding video mold, and therefore do exactly what a save the date should - offer a little advance taste of the true flavor of the wedding day for all the guests to enjoy!

Let me tell you. There are some great ones to be seen.

press play... from tim and jane on Vimeo.

Never fear. I have another save the date for you! A whole different flavor, but equally amazing!

This little nugget of awesome comes via Broke Ass Bride (who I also adore!). Readers, meet Raechel and Joel!

Adorable, no?! You can tell exactly what their wedding will be like: loving, personal, and all-around awesome.

I'm ashamed to say, I nearly forgot this final one by Mark Mroz! My own two clients: Melinda and Jason, who got married in January of this year. Theirs was (and is) officially one of my FAVORITES. :)

Jason + Melinda // Save the Date from Mark Mroz on Vimeo.

So what do you say? You love save the date videos too?!?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

what I love: validation!

I had to stray from weddings this week, but for good reason! Its time to focus on something I truly love - something we ALL need, despite if we're getting married or not - validation!

Before you think I'm coming totally out of left field, I'll let you know I had outside inspiration. A short film entitled Validation. I found this film nearly a year ago and was in love with it then, but I had mostly forgotten about it, until the other day when I was down in the dumps - not feeling well emotionally or physically. My one true love brought the film to my attention once again, and I knew that I had to share. 

See this isn't shallow validation that I'm talking about. It's not about how nice your shoes are or the new manicure you got. This is about someone recognizing your value in this world - as an individual, as a human being and then taking a moment to let you know. That, my friends, is real validation. So if there's one thing I can ask of you this week, its to go out and really, truly validate someone. In return, I assure you, you will receive enormous validation back.

So here it is

for you


I know I love me some validation this week... I hope you do too! Enjoy!

Friday, July 30, 2010

what I love: modern bird studios!

Okay, my friends! I have been bad at the whole "keeping up with the blog" aspect of life, but I'll soon get better! To make up for it, I have a treat for you! Amidst all this insanity in DC (weather and the like), we have a gem to share: Modern Bird Studios!

I LOVE them, and when I say "LOVE", I truly mean it. Check out a print that they just finished for a Twitter friend of mine:

Photo Credit: Modern Bird Studios
Jealous much? I think so! These are beautiful prints made from photographs you submit. So not only are they gorgeous, they're also personal and poignant images just for you!

They even have an amazing pre-made section! Where you can buy prints without your own photograph. The best part? The prints are equally as breathtaking!

Photo Credit: Modern Bird Studios
So what I love this week? It's official Modern Bird Studios. Tell me... are you in love?!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what I love: organic jewelry!

Some of you may be asking yourselves, "what exactly is organic jewelry?" A relevant and solid question. Organic jewelry is that jewelry that has an overwhelming organic quality to it. It is by no means USDA certified. It simply feels as though it could have been borne straight out of Mother Earth herself. Let me give you a taste of some of my favorite "organic" jewellers!

Exhibit A:

photo credit: Bario Neal

Are those not gorgeous as all get out? A perfect pair of "hoops" in delicious silver! I want them for my own. I'm not gonna lie!

Exhibit B:

photo credit: Bario Neal

Just for good measure... let me give you a third piece of tasty organic jewelry goodness! I give you an Etsy find:
photo credit: Etsy

Amazing, no? You get the true-to-nature look of seaweed adorning your neck without the whole "eco-unfriendliness" associated with actually using real seaweed to make a necklace! Plus, it's gorgeous to boot!

So tell me now: I'm certain that what I love this week is organic jewelry. You love it too?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what I love: happy brides!

I have to admit; it's been a long while since my last "what I love" Wednesday, and I am truly sorry for that! But we've been so busy over here with new clients, weddings and fun - after all it is wedding season! We've been feeling the heat over here, that's for sure! It's all about those details, details, details! But at the end of the day, what's it boil down to a happy bride (and groom)! What I love this week, and every week for that matter, are happy brides. What rekindled this love you might ask?

A little character some know as Mrs Lamb (otherwise known as Melinda of the famed Invited clients, Melinda and Jason!) happened to write an incredibly endearing post about our wedding planning process. In it, she explained to her followers just how much she appreciated us by her side through the process.

In her oh-so kind words, she had this to say about just a few of the items involved in her big day:
"Who stayed at the Opera House on Wednesday to ensure we didn’t pay delivery fees on the holiday? Who set each table setting? Who gave all of the vendors the day of time line? Who coordinated the clean up at the church? Who relentlessly tracked down absentee vendors? Who finished and delivered all of the OOT bags? Who oohed and ahhed at my fitting? Who assured me that my reception dress was off the hook? Who had extra bobby pins for my fascinator? Who delivered all of the presents to the hotel? Who stayed up all night after the reception packing all of the DIY centerpieces and decorations? Who facilitated between us, parents and vendors?
Pavaune. And it was worth every single penny."

Needless to say, what I love this week (and will adore forever) are happy brides. Thank you Mrs Lamb, and thank you to all those brides who have allowed us the opportunity to make your day that much more special!