Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what I love: ampersands!

Yes, I'll be honest. I was slightly inspired by my love just two weeks ago, but let me explain! After all, what single symbol is more integral to the entire meaning and purpose of a wedding than an ampersand?! At the end of the day it's all about the joining of two parts; the bringing together of a Mr & a Mrs, a bride & a groom, a his & a her! See! The ampersand has endless value and purpose for your big day! Plus - its a gorgeous element that can carry through to your life and home decor if you know how to work it.

First off, I want to share a little gem of a blog that I recently found. In fact, I could attribute most of my newfound love of ampersands to this, here blog - the beautiful 300 & 65 Ampersands. I mean the bevy of ampersand gorgeousness available on this blog is endless! Plus - the blog gets daily updates - YES - DAILY! Check out this beauty from October 24th:
photo credit: 300 & 65
Or this playful one for (what I imagine to be) a backyard country wedding:
Don't think I'm done yet!

So fun, right?!

And let me tell you the ampersand beauty doesn't stop here! One of my favorite (I-swear-I'm-going-to-buy-it-someday) Etsy finds is this little gem below!
photo credit: Etsy
 Look at how adorable it is, and how much more perfect can you get for an ampersand tee-shirt than an ampersand made of ampersands?!

Finally, a gorgeous ampersand pillow for your new home!
photo credit: Hard to Find
You never knew ampersands could inspire so much beauty in every aspect of your life, did you?!

Alright, alright! I know it! I'm in love with ampersands this week! What do you say? You love 'em too?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what I love: plum and charcoal!

Yep, that's right! You heard it here first! Plum and charcoal - no not the actual fruit nor fire starter! I'm thinking colors here, people! As the summer begins to fade away and the sky begins to darken earlier and earlier, I can't help but think with darker, even more gorgeous colors! One of my absolute favorite (and unexpected) color combinations is plum and charcoal! Check out a few examples of just how perfectly those colors work together!

Look at that gorgeous bouquet and can I ignore that adorable ring bearer's pillow?! (I think not!)
Photo Credit: Stephanie Williams
 This adorable save the date is fully customizable over at Wedding Chicks! I adore them for lots of gorgeous DIY stuff!

image credit: Wedding Chicks

These gray bridesmaid's dresses and beautiful purple bouquet are screaming out to me. What are they screaming you ask? Pretty sure it's, "you want us for your next wedding!"
Photo Credit: Project Wedding
 Finally, given that last week's post was all about how much I love monograms, I had to toss one in for good measure. Again, I can thank Wedding Chicks for this beauty! Thank you Wedding Chicks!
image credit: Wedding Chicks
So it's absolutely official. What I love this week is definitely plum and charcoal! What do you say? Do you love it too?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what I love: monograms!

One of the BEST things about getting married is (arguably) getting to now share an initial with your one true love. (Yes, I am aware of the fact that nowadays many women aren't taking their fiancee's names, but for the sake of this post, we'll be momentarily ignoring that trend!) I'm talking about a monogram! Tell me you don't love them?! They can be everything from the chicest of the chic to the most elegant of the elegant, and no matter what - they're gorgeous and fun!

The most amazing thing about a monogram is that a truly beautiful one can transition from "weddingware" to houseware! And there are so many beautiful ones out there, I'm certain you can find one that you'll fall in love with.

For example, are you looking to keep things a little more simple and modern for your big day? Go with this beauty.

photo credit: Rock, Paper, Scissors
 Or maybe you fancy yourself a bit more vintage and elegant? Look at all of these REAL vintage monograms!
photo credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs
Perhaps what you're going for is a tad more rustic? Well don't let sheer oversight make you forget all the places a monogram can go! Take these adorable linen bags for instance!
photo credit: Style Me Pretty
Inspired by one of our full-planning clients, I found this modern, butterfly-themed monogram. Too adorable right??
photo credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs
So this week I'm certain of what I love, and that's monograms! What do you say? Do you love them too??