Hello, Hello!

Welcome to our blog here at Invited, an event production company based in the heart of Washington, DC with a fresh eye for event design and, more importantly, a fresh take on how to make it all happen!

We believe that planning a wedding is one of life's most exciting experiences. It's a perfect chance to allow ourselves to dream and explore, take every fantasy we ever imagined and throw it in to real life - in to one of the biggest days of our lives.

At Invited, we believe in that process, and (more importantly) we believe in enjoying it! Our design philosophy is sophisticated and fun. It's really all about creating weddings and events that are magnificent but comfortable, elegant but never stuffy. Because no matter if you're planning a wedding for 30 or a gala for 300 or if you're in DC, LA or Miami - both the experience and the result should be amazing!
If you want to find out more, check us out at www.invitedeventdesign.com!