Wednesday, September 29, 2010

what I love: wheat!

Yes, you read that right - wheat. WHEAT. Some of you may be stumped - saying to yourself, "Are you sure?! Wheat - not white, but WHEAT?!" Alas it is true, wheat is the often overlooked, often free decor element that just simply screams fall wedding! After all, you can't really get more "harvest"y than the harvest itself!

Case in point: considering a motif design element for your wedding? Considered wheat yet? Look at the bevy of (tres chic!) stationery options available out there!
Need an invitation? How unique and gorgeous, to boot! (P.S. That's engraving on wood!)
Photo Credit: Engraving Plus
How about a little wheat on your menu card?
Photo Credit: Urbanity Studios
 Finally, my absolute favorite use of wheat in any reception: wheat centerpieces! Yes, please!
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs
Photo Credit: Wedding Reception Ideas

So yes, my fall-loving followers, it's official. I'm in LOVE with all things wheat? What do you wheat... err... think?!

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