Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what I love: organic jewelry!

Some of you may be asking yourselves, "what exactly is organic jewelry?" A relevant and solid question. Organic jewelry is that jewelry that has an overwhelming organic quality to it. It is by no means USDA certified. It simply feels as though it could have been borne straight out of Mother Earth herself. Let me give you a taste of some of my favorite "organic" jewellers!

Exhibit A:

photo credit: Bario Neal

Are those not gorgeous as all get out? A perfect pair of "hoops" in delicious silver! I want them for my own. I'm not gonna lie!

Exhibit B:

photo credit: Bario Neal

Just for good measure... let me give you a third piece of tasty organic jewelry goodness! I give you an Etsy find:
photo credit: Etsy

Amazing, no? You get the true-to-nature look of seaweed adorning your neck without the whole "eco-unfriendliness" associated with actually using real seaweed to make a necklace! Plus, it's gorgeous to boot!

So tell me now: I'm certain that what I love this week is organic jewelry. You love it too?

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