Friday, July 30, 2010

what I love: modern bird studios!

Okay, my friends! I have been bad at the whole "keeping up with the blog" aspect of life, but I'll soon get better! To make up for it, I have a treat for you! Amidst all this insanity in DC (weather and the like), we have a gem to share: Modern Bird Studios!

I LOVE them, and when I say "LOVE", I truly mean it. Check out a print that they just finished for a Twitter friend of mine:

Photo Credit: Modern Bird Studios
Jealous much? I think so! These are beautiful prints made from photographs you submit. So not only are they gorgeous, they're also personal and poignant images just for you!

They even have an amazing pre-made section! Where you can buy prints without your own photograph. The best part? The prints are equally as breathtaking!

Photo Credit: Modern Bird Studios
So what I love this week? It's official Modern Bird Studios. Tell me... are you in love?!

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