Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what I love: gift wrapping!

The thing about gift wrapping is it isn't solely allocated to the holidays. One must gift wrap throughout the year (for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries - you name it!). That's the best part about learning how to gift wrap beautifully, you get to use the skill throughout the year.

After all, who can resist a little piece of beautiful like this?
photo credit: a gift wrapped life

The holidays are a time that one's gift wrapping skills are allowed to truly shine. It's all about those details - details, details, details! Besides that's where all the fun is! Take a look at some of these chic and adorable gift wrapping details!

This one comes with DIY instructions courtesy of Design*Sponge!
photo credit: Design Sponge

Plus, nowadays, with the focus on eco-friendliness in every facet of our lives, gift wrap has plenty of eco-friendly options too! Take fabric gift wrap, for instance. You heard me right - FABRIC. Check it out.
photo credit: Etsy

Or adorable fabric drawstring bags!
photo credit: Etsy

And don't forget the icing on the metaphorical gift-wrapping cake - the tags! The number of unique tag options out there is absolutely endless! Lots of DIY options, and lots available to purchase. Lookie here for instance.
photo credit: Etsy

There are even letterpress options - gorgeous!
photo credit: Etsy
I most definitely love gift wrapping this week! Whaddya say? I imagine you love it too!

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