Wednesday, December 29, 2010

what I love: FREE webinars!

So how many of you out there got rings on your fingers sometime in the last couple of weeks - hm? What's that I hear?? A whole lot?! That's right! You're engaged! Congratulations, but now what do you do? Where do you start, and who do you talk to?? Well, I can guarantee you that what I love this week, will hold all the answers because what I love this week is OUR free wedding planning webinar!

We'll be holding the webinar on January 12th at 7 PM for ten lucky couples. It will be an exclusive opportunity to chat with a wedding professional about all those questions you have in the beginning of the planning process, and hopefully get that wedding-planning ball rolling.

For your convenience, you can register below for the event.

Remember - only ten couples get in on this, and it's filling up fast!

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