Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what I love: backyard weddings!

It's official! I'm inspired because I have one of the most exciting client weddings ever - an adorable backyard affair! I can't wait for the splendid event, and due to this overwhelming inspiration, I couldn't help but love backyard weddings this week.

Let's discuss some of my favorite parts of backyard events! The best part is you get to keep it relaxed and it truly feels like home (since it is!)! All of those special details that you never get to include in a rented space are all the things you get to have fun with at a backyard wedding. Most importantly, you don't have to follow any rules, so you get to make all your own!

Check some of these awesome backyard event details out for a little taste of what I love!

First, have you seen such an adorable backdrop for a ceremony - vintage doors?! A. Door. Able! (Ba-dum-ching!)
Via OnceWed

A gorgeous home-style display of bride and groom photos through the years. Don't think you can get more darling than that!
via Young House Love

Flip-flops for your guests - a perfect and comfy idea! Plus the adorable display in an aluminum bin!

via Creative Image Collections

Finally this homemade photo booth is one of the most beautiful I think I've ever seen. A gorgeous sheet of fabric that the bride and groom clothes-pinned up to make a pretty little photo booth for all sorts of fun!
via Jill Thomas Photography

 What do you say? Do you love backyard weddings too??

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