Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what I love: garters!

Okay, ladies (and gents, if you're out there) there's a tradition that some of us have forgotten about or decided to do away with or thought was silly, etc, etc, etc - that must come back. That tradition is the garter!

This week I'm loving garters! A garter has a long and sorted history, as one of my favorite garter makers in the industry outlined for us. But let's remember, the history of the garter doesn't define it's present. Because let me be the first to tell you - it's "present" is undeniably fabulous!

Photo credit: Josh Root

At one point in time, the garter may have just been a tool to hold up one's socks, now they're a tool to get those socks kicked off right quick! I assure you that the right one will do wonders! If you want it to scream "sexy", there are sexy ones.
Photo Credit: The Garter Girl

If you want it to whisper "demure", there are demure ones.
Photo Credit: The Garter Girl

But no matter what you want your garter to say, ladies, I say, "make sure you've got one for your big day"! Garters are what I love this week? What do you think? Do you love them too?

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  1. wow! thakns so much for such a great post about garters. i agree - let's bring the wedding garter tradition back!