Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what I love: Letterpress Light!

So some of you may be in the letterpress loop already, but for those of you who aren't I've got a definite treat for you! What I love this week is Letterpress Light!

Letterpress Light ain't no normal letterpress y'all! It is a custom process that was created by the owner, Heather Noss, and she did a marvelous job! It's an incredibly unique process that, in their own words, "...enhances the rich texture of regular letterpress printing, resulting in a 50% deeper press.  It adds more expansive & vivid color options, as well as design flexibility not possible with regular letterpress printing."

The color is gorgeous and vibrant, and the pressing is deeper than what you'll ever get with normal, old letterpress! I just can't get enough of their work. Check out a couple of their beautiful wedding invitations!
photo credit: Letterpress Light

Or this beauty...
photo credit: Letterpress Light

 Finally, see how vibrant the color is?! This is nothing like old letterpress! It's absolutely gorgeous and fresh!
photo credit: Letterpress Light

So I'm certain that what I love this week is Letterpress Light! What do you say, brides, do you love them too? If so, get in touch with them soon to get your custom invites!

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