Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what I love: the frozen yogurt trend!

Happy Wednesday y'all! Spring is here and summer is on the way, which means it's time to break out the snacks that cool us down! This one is especially close to my heart... and mouth, after dealing with a wisdom teeth removal yesterday - all things cold and frozen are my friend!

I know you're probably thinking ice cream, but think again: this snack is sweet, but low in calories! Who doesn't love that? I know I do! The real question is: have you ever thought of incorporating something like this into your wedding?

We've all seen candy, cookie, and dessert bars, but there's a new trend on the horizon I'd love to see break into weddings! Hello, frozen yogurt!

Frozen yogurt is the wow factor your guests will never see coming, and that they'll be talking about for years! It's the perfect sweet detail to revamp an outdoor reception and cool down famished friends and family.

Did I mention frozen yogurt machines are easy to setup?

Just think: yummy frozen yogurt flavors and a full bar of fresh fruit and sweet snack toppings! This Florida wedding featured on Southern Weddings did it right!

Photos by Tina Bass


Oh so pretty! 

They aren't the only ones either!

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt made an appearance in this Caroline Tran wedding, too!

The Sweet Life :  wedding favors nashville reception Sweets5 sweets5
Image via / Photo by Caroline Tran

Ok, so. The cost to pull something like this off is definitely worth giving some thought, but for the DIY bride, there's some alternatives! I found this tutorial on making frozen yogurt push-ups that could easily be passed around at the reception after dinner!

So fun, right?

Do you like frozen yogurt?

Have you ever seen anything like this at a wedding?

Would you consider having it at yours?


  1. Wow, I haven't visited you friend, in quite some time! I'm so sorry!

    I looove frozen yogurt and definitely see it as a trend right now. I love the idea of a frozen yogurt bar!

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