Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what I love: fonts for peas!

Alright all you DIY brides out there, I have a special "love" for you this week: Fonts for Peas! Have you ever wanted to personalize a note, letter, or placecard, but you just don't want to spend all that time handwriting each item? Well for you I present Fonts for Peas!

Fonts for Peas is the brainchild of a wonderful couple - Kevin and Amanda. They decided that they wanted to provide for all us lucky people the possibility of fabulous handwriting fonts! More importantly, they decided that they wanted to provide us the opportunity to make our OWN handwriting into a font!

Here's how it works: you write down all the letters from A-Z with a felt tip pen

scan your image in, send your .jpg over to them

and don't forget to name your font!

How great is this?! I can't help but adore all of the fonts on their site! I almost don't want to ruin it with my one of my own! Though one must admit, this does provide - for the DIYer - the possibility to truly personalize all the place cards, table names, menus, welcome notes, (the list goes on and on!) for their wedding without all the extra work!

So undoubtedly, what I love this week is Fonts for Peas. What do you think? Do you love it?

All Photo Credits: Fonts for Peas

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